Bitcoin Risk Warnings

Bitcoin Risk Warnings

  • Never invest more than you are willing to lose.

    The price can plummet at any time. Invest - if at all - at most the financial means in Bitcoin, the total loss of which you can easily cope with. Those who invest too much often make short-term and ill-considered decisions and are dependent on the Bitcoin price, which fluctuates daily.

  • Do not store Bitcoins on exchanges

    Exchanges are not suitable as a safe and long-term storage option for cryptocurrencies. In the past, exchange platforms have been hacked and it may be a matter of time before it happens again. Only if you alone know the private key or passphrase to the respective Bitcoin address, the units are completely under your control.

  • Check recipient address before sending transactions

    Bitcoin transactions are not reversible. Therefore, once you execute a Bitcoin transaction, you cannot cancel or reverse it unless the recipient voluntarily sends the amount back. Therefore, it is important to carefully check the address and trustworthiness of the recipient before making a transaction. If an unknown person promises you a suspiciously good deal for a Bitcoin deposit, it is usually a scam.

  • High volatility

    Even though volatility is significantly lower than it was a few years ago, the daily price fluctuations often take some getting used to, even for experienced stock market players.

  • Create multiple wallets

    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be used to create digital wallets free of charge. If you back up all units on one wallet, there is a risk that your entire holdings are no longer accessible, for example, if the private key is lost. Therefore, create several wallets and distribute your cryptocurrencies among them.

  • Keep passphrase secure

    When you set up a wallet, you receive a passphrase. Write the passphrase on a piece of paper, for example, and make sure that no one can write it down (webcam, cell phone camera, other people in the vicinity, etc.). It is also recommended to write down the passphrase twice and to store it fire- and waterproof at different places.

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