Bitcoin Resources

Bitcoin Resources

Bitcoin Texte

Bitcoin Texts

Bitcoin FAQ on Reddit
A summary about Bitcoin for beginners.

Bitcoin price history
The entire price history of Bitcoin with the respective events. See how which events have affected the price of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Whitepaper
The original whitepaper by "Satoshi Nakamoto" - 9 pages

Bitcoin Book
22 authors from around the world have written an in-depth intro to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Obituaries
A collection of links of past media reports about the final crash of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Videos

Bitcoin Videos

The Bitcoin "Bubble"
The previous price trend in context and the last bubbles of Bitcoin in comparison.

"19 Industries the Blockchain Will Disrupt"
This animated film showcases the global impact of blockchain technology.

How cryptocurrencies work.
How Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work in a 26-minute video.

Canadian Senate Hearing
A. Antonopoulos explains how Bitcoin works to the Canadian Senate in 2014.

Bitcoin "Crashed"
YouTuber Chris Dunn explains how you should react when Bitcoin crashes, a recurring phenomenon.

Bitcoin 101
Presentation on the principles of Bitcoin with future predictions.

Blockchain 101
A visual demo of how the blockchain works.

How Bitcoin Works in 5 Minutes
Technical basics about Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Bitcoin talk by Scott Rose
20-minute introduction to Blockchain and the implications of a decentralized system like Bitcoin.

Don't buy bitcoin - it will crash soon
An ironic video showing past crashes of Bitcoin over time.

Typical Bitcoin Users
Which type are you?

Bitcoin Tools und Programme

Bitcoin Tools

Hundreds of cryptocurrencies with statistics, live updates and more.

Blockchain Charts.
Many current charts and statistics about the Blockchain and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Open-Source
Here you can view the Bitcoin code, public and available for everyone to see.

See live which currencies are being exchanged for Bitcoin.

Top 100 Bitcoin Addresses
The richest Bitcoin addresses at a glance.

Shows how much Bitcoin each person would have on average if everyone bought Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Inflation Chart - This graph shows the amount of Bitcoin that existed at any given time and how the inflation rate (production rate due to mining) will continue to decrease in the future. This is a good way to see how transparent the digital currency is. - Always all trades, purchases and sales in view. Automatic exchange imports, many different statistics like average buy prices, bitcoin analysis and more. The first 200 trades are free, after that there are upgrade options. To register you only need an email and a password.

Blockchain Explorer
On this page, enter any existing Bitcoin address in the top right search and you will see all outgoing and incoming transactions. You can view every transaction and address on the blockchain.

Bitcoin Filme und Dokus

Bitcoin Movies

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin - Trailer HD

- 2014 -

Bitcoin: The End of Money (as we know it)
- Trailer HD

- 2015 -

Banking on Bitcoin
- Trailer HD

- 2016 -
Now on Netflix

Magic Money - The Bitcoin Revolution
- Full Movie HD

- 2017 -

The Unbelievable Story of Mark Karpeles
- Full Movie HD

- 2018 -
Now on Netflix

Bitcoin vs. Facebook Libra coin
- Andreas Antonopoulos

- 2019 -

Bitcoin Spekulationen und Preistheorien

Bitcoin Pricetheories

To be used with caution
The theories or models mentioned below are highly speculative and by no means represent a suitable forecast of the future. They are realistic models that could occur. However, the price per Bitcoin could also be 0 USD in the future. Such models and argumentations will also be dealt with in the following section in the future. The below predictions were first included on this page in 2017, as you can see for yourself via the WayBack machine.

Speculative Future Forecast - Article
A speculative price theory for bitcoin in the coming years. Among other things, the author points out the parallels between Bitcoin's adoption rate and other technologies. Both have logarithmically scaled near-linear growth rates, with S-curve-like hype cycles (English).

Logarithmic Regression Line - Bitcointalk Forum 2014
Users of Bitcointalk forum discuss the possible future price trend of Bitcoin. According to the formula they created themselves, the price per Bitcoin should be 10,000 by the end of 2017, 100,000 by the middle of 2021, and 1 million US dollars by the end of 2026 (English).